Itel i5320 Flash File OK File SPD6531 8MB

1. Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back 

2. Please Hold BootKey(UP and DOWN),Insert USB cable 

3. Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find 

4. Battery Should be Charged more then 50% Scanning 

USB Serial port... 

SU2Serial Port: COM5 

Connecting to Phone,Wait.. 


Infor: SPRD3 Initialize boot9... 

CPU type: 6531A

 Flash type: NOR 

Flash ID: 00C20025(00370000) 

Flash Model: MX25U6435E 

Flash Size: 0x800000(8.0M) 


Read Completed.

>>File save to: C:\Users\Master Telecom\Desktop\Itel it5622 SPD6531\6531A_MX25U6435E.bin 


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