Infinity Chines Miracle II V1.57 Full Free Download

Flash Engine updated MT6580, MT6592, MT6595, MT8127: Secure Flash Engine Enabled MT6735, MT6753, MT6795, MT2601, MT8163: Secure Flash Engine Enabled Secure Flash Engine allow flash Factory Signed firmwares

Now CM2 allow flash Signed Scatter firmwares used world-wide and by several specific vendors Should be selected correct model in settings and signed FW

Safe flashing for UNSIGNED Firmwares improved. Note: it still can be dangerous for Secured phones. GPT rebuild during improved for Helio line devices (vendor-specific)

New FlashEngine options: Backup: Make backup of device-specific data: HW, main and security blocks Skip Preloader Flashing: Ignore HW check ( BaseBand verification NOT ignored ) and not upload preloader Features supported for MT65xx, MT67xx and Helio lines

Service: Direct SP Unlock operation supported for secure devices (MT65xx and MT67xx lines) Format FS operation revised Privacy Lock reset engine completely rebuild

Support ALL existing PL types, including latest ones Helio X/P series! - WorldFirst ! Operation is completely safe for new Helio SeriesL do not destroy device-specific settings etc. Combined PL types also supported - Safe Reset (UserData safe) improved, all existing types supported - NAND PL reset improved

FW reader engine updated New types supported Brand-specific changes

UserData UserLocks reset updated for A6 with latest security patches: No stuck/hang after reset SafePrivacy reset revised DataDirect Engine updated

New models included: LG X210 ( LG K7 LTE ) LG X220 ( LG K5 LTE ) SPUnlock, Repair Security, Reset FRP, Reset Settings, Forensic, UserLocks etc. Flashing: Support ONLY Signed Factory Firmwares! Do not need anymore hold volume keys etc.


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