Infinity Chines Miracle -2 MTK V1.58 Update Download

Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.58 - New models and features Mediatek SP Platform: - Flash Engine updated MT6572, MT6582: Secure Flash Engine Enabled Improved Secure Firmware Flashing support for MT67xx line New factory file types supported

Service: FixDL operation improved eMMC ReadOnly test improved >Improved testing chaing, verification >Enabled support for erased/damaged devices In case of erased/damaged phone CM2 can now make forced test It still safe and NOT destroy phone firmware

Firmware reader engine updated New types supported Brand-specific changes

New models included: LG X135 LG X145 SPUnlock, Repair Security, Reset Settings, Forensic, UserLocks etc. Flashing: Support ONLY Signed Factory Firmwares! Do not need anymore hold volume keys etc. Firmwares for supported secure phones you can find on support

Other FlashLoaders package updated DRAM Init database updated. More new FlashTypes supported. MT6573 and MT6575/MT6577 support has been broken. Fixed. Other changes and improvements at all 


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