Infinity Chines Miracle - 2 Spreadtrum V1.20 Free Download

Infinity Chines Miracle - 2 SPD V1.20 New Model News 

SPD Sp Platform FlashLoader Package Updated Sc773x Loader Updated Generic Android 5 And Alternative For both mode Sc5735 Loader Updated Alternative Loader Also Activated Support For New FL+DRAN types Latest Sc773x Sc9830 models 

 Flash Engine Updated Some bugfixes And Improvemnets Pac Files Heading Improved Firmware Reading Improved New Types Supported Brand Specific Improvement Service Improvement Service Operation Improved Activated HWinfo Read Write Models 

Allow Read Backup And Restore Hwinfo data For Phones which Automatic Version info and Revision identify during Read FRP Reset Improve Fix BB Operations Improved Fix BB Option NV Write Revised And Improved Repair Security in Flash Mode Revised

SP Unlock Improved Note Singed Types are Not Supported Yet  Other Appmanager Av Dictionary update altldr Opetion Revised for Sc9830 Some Improvements And Bugfixes at all Discussion And Download Links 


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