Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK v1.41 Update Version

UserData operations improved DataDirect Engine revised Improved PhoneBook Extraction Improved Gallery Extraction Secure Platforms supported for PhoneBook and UserData extraction!

 Allow recovery damaged phones, which cant be fixed with old method – some Alcatel and others Alcatel Specific repair options can be found in “Extra->Alcatel”

 DataDirect Engine revised More faster and accurate Fixed some types support

MT6575/MT6577 FW reader moved on “new Direct mode” – up to 3x faster reading MT8127/MT8163 [NAND] Factory FW reading improved


FW Read Extra features:
Unique feature: For NAND now read phone info also, save firmware now like as eMMC – CPU, Vendor, Model, Version, Info
Latest MT6582 (A5/A6 GPT) Factory FW reading should work now

Additional Read features (“Read Additional Files”):

Create MAUI Meta Modem configarution file (BPLGUI file) eMMC Only

PhoneInfo – Model, Version, Brand, Build version etc. for NAND and eMMC

HW Info – LCD, Touch, Modem version etc. (if exists) eMMC Only
BL Info – Compatible IDs of Flash Memory etc. for NAND and eMMC
>Create NVRAM backup during FW read for NAND and eMMC

UserData and Cache reading revised: Unique feature: SW now build filesystem itself This give following benefits: Allow Read FW from “Encrypted” phones without wipe! No more “Bad ExtData” problems! Allow ignore any FileSystem problems! Now FW is completely as factory one!

 Repair ExtData way changed

Now CM2 create and flash all filesystems

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